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Increases energy ~ Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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Friends telling friends. That’s how many people begin the life-changing journey with Dokudami. As a natural herbal liquid supplement Dokudami helps bring your body into balance. We believe that good health is the foundation for a good life.


HIV and Cancer are heartbreaking diseases with high impact not only on patients but on their loved ones. Patients who use Dokudami often experience more robust health during routine prescribed treatments for diseases like HIV, cancer, and diabetes.


Helps maintain patients’ general immunity and overall vitality during chemotherapy treatments.


As a stand alone treatment it has caused cancer cells to go into remission.


Has successfully killed Hela cancer cells in in vitro trials.


Has raised CD4 numbers in HIV patients after sustained use.


The Dokudami donation programs with HIV patients have helped restore health to many users. This program is endorsed by

Dr. Somsong Rugpao. MD, former Director General Medical Science Dept./Communicable Diseases Control Dept in Thailand.



Patient Testimonials:



Dokudami changed my life. A few years ago I was found to have HIV-AIDS. I lost my health quickly. I went from 70kg to 35 kg. My CD4numbers had fallen to 11. (A normal healthy person has CD4 numbers of 300 plus.) Honestly, I was near death and my parents had already begun to make the arrangements at the local temple for the funeral. Then as a last ditch effort a friend said I should try Dokudami. At that point I had nothing to lose so I began to take it, twice a day. Over the next few months I started to gain weight and most importantly I did not die.


Well, that was a few years ago now I am back to my normal weight, my CD4 numbers are over 700, and I am running my own business as a radio announcer and helping other people who like me may have given up on life.


Mr. Mongkol,

Radio Broadcaster, Thailand




My body has previously rejected five kidney transplants. But now after taking Dokudami I am healthy and have had no kidney rejections and I no longer have to undergo kidney dialysis or take immune suppression medicines. The quality of my skin and general health has increased significantly.


Name Withheld



I have had high pressure and diabetes. Since I started to take Dokudami, my blood sugar used to be between 200-300 and is now down between 130 and 140. I have taken Dokudami for two years. I take Dokudami along with my other diabetic medication. I feel Dokudami has helped my overall health. The effect is slow but it helps. I feel better now.


Miss Ammuay, Age 51




I was diagnosed with Stage Four Breast Cancer. When I began the chemotherapy all my hair began to fall out and I was in a lot of pain. I began taking Dokudami at that time and it for me seemed to ease the symptoms of chemotherapy. I had more energy and my hair began to grow back quickly. I take Dokudami two times a day everyday. My health feels great and my doctors say the cancer is in remission. I have made Dokudami part of my daily health regime.


Miss Sriprai



As I have got older I have had troubles with gout. Since I have been taking Dokudami the flare-ups have been greatly reduced. I use Dokudami every day along with the diet that my doctor has prescribed and it seems to work well. I am getting older but I am feeling better.


Mr. Nawarat


I caught HIV from my husband in 2006. At first I was angry and upset.


For us it is hard. People with HIV are kicked out from society. Nobody wants them. My husband and I thought we would die. What would happen to our children? We were hopeless. A friend told us about Dokudami and we thought what do we have to lose?


So we started taking it. Now we are healthy. Look at me. I have gained weight and the ulcers and blisters on my skin have healed. I tell my friends and have become a spokesperson to help other HIV patients. They don’t have to suffer. Dokudami changed my life.


Mrs. Kalyani Kudtha

Lampoon, Thailand Age 38





I have rheumatoid arthritis. Dokudami has helped ease the pain, in some cases eliminating it. Dokudami has made it all more bearable.


Miss Tid


For over 20 years I used to have horrible sinus problems. When the weather was cold my nose got congested and it was very hard to breathe. Now with Dokudami my nose and sinuses are clear. I have been taking it for two years. Dokudami is a very good product. It has improved my life.


Mr. Precha,

School Teacher, Ban Chaiyaratch School, Patew District, Choomporn Province, Thailand

Mr. Sangob Piriyasaisunti


No picture provided


I began using Dokudami because I had diabetes. To be honest I was in poor shape.


I had high blood pressure and my health was pretty much a wreck. That was seven years ago. Now I have lots of energy and I have cut my insulin use in half. I continue to take Dokudami everyday. Dokudami has changed my life. I say if you have questions, try it, and see what it can do for you.


Mr. Sangob Piriyasaisunti

Lampoon, Thailand Age 66


Expert testimonials:



Dokudami is important as its bioactive compounds have been proven to have potential for all sort of actions. It is an antioxidant with anti-inflammation properties. This together with the transformation and health promoted by positive bacteria makes this herbal extract very important for healthy life.


Dr. Sirinda Yunchalard

PhD., Associate Professor of Biotechnology, Khon Kaen University



As a doctor I know that life is valuable. Dokudami, an all- natural herbal supplement, is made with the highest quality standards. Many patients who use Dokudami experience an increase in overall health and wellness. I have endorsed programs nationwide to distribute Dokudami as a natural supplement for patients with HIV, cancer, and diseases like diabetes.


Dr. Somsong Rugpao

MD. Former Director General Medical Science Dept./ Communicable Diseases Control Dept, Thailand