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Increases energy - Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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Dokudami - Houttuynia Cordata


Dokudami is a 100% natural, organic liquid dietary supplement with very strong antioxidant properties. Dokudami also enhances the immune system.


Dokudami ; ScientificBotanical name Houttuynia Cordata. Main ingredients of our Dokudami are 99.3 % organic Dokudami with 0.7 % of pure natural cane sugar powder.


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Product Benefits


The herbal components of Dokudami

can promote overall body health and

balance and have the following



Increases energy


Antibacterial and

antiviral activities





Improves immune defense mechanisms


Strong antioxidant properties

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