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Increases energy ~ Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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About Dokudami for HIV-AIDS


“Dokudami Benefits AIDS Patients”


Intensive research and trials in Northern Thailand on a host of AIDS infected patients, have shown positive and somewhat remarkable results in the treatment of AIDS patients. Dokudami has been administered as a liquid tonic, with the aim of:


Test for anti-toxin qualities

Check for natural body immunity and anti-body making qualities

To identify the benefits of natural healing herbs as used as a tonic (as opposed to chemically produced medicines (but used in conjunction with)


The results were amazing!


Anti-toxin: trials had shown that the majority of patients showed significant improvement in toxic immunity, with some reversing their toxidity levels to remission status.


Immune Booster: The patients using Dokudami, had their immunity levels increase, with white blood cell counts improving as a counter action to the AIDS virus. They are reported to be stronger with development of natural skin tones and the healing of pustual lesions.


Benefits of natural Tonics: Dokudami has been used as a “cure” all tonic for centuries by many Asian countries and in particular Japan. A natural herb, Dokudami as extracted as a tonic, is 100% natural, with enzymes that are used to enhance the body from the inside out. There are no chemicals or enhancers used in Dokudami health tonic, so you only receive 100% natural goodness, as intended by nature.