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Increases energy ~ Antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory activities ~

Strong antioxidant properties ~ Potent immune enhancer

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About Dokudami for cancer


Cancer: Dokudami Immune Enhancing Properties


Dokudami has been used in many Asian countries as a “cure all” for many ailments and diseases for centuries. As long ago as the 12th century, Dokudami was picked and brewed and served as a tonic elixer, to waine off all varieties of known infections and wounds. Found extensively around all Asian countries (in particular Japan where Dokudami got its name) the properties of the plant were thought to have magic healing powers. Today, Dokudami has been successfully proven and used to combat the Metatastic qualities of Cancer cells in patients in clinical trials. At Dokudami Healing the product can be purchased easily and available to transport quickly to your front door.

The product is:


Totally Organic – Dokudami is a naturally growing plant and we only use natural products as provided by nature. By only using natural enzymes and nutrients Dokudami Healing has been able to produce an excellent success rate in the treatment of Cancer patients, without the use of harmful chemicals and laboratory medicines.


Detoxification – The natural enzymes found in the Dokudami plant are used to completely detox your body of dangerous poisons held within the cellular make-up. In fact, Dokudami in Japanese = Doku (Poison) Dami (Block), so literally means poison blocking plant.


Clinical trials have shown that continued use of Dokudami, with its natural ingredients, assists in the treatment of Cancer patients.

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